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A Results Fitness Strategy Session designed to direct your group fitness experience.
Unlimited access to our high-energy group fitness classes designed by the ONLY gym in Santa Clarita that consults with NIKE on fitness training.
Metabolic classes are our version of a cardio workout. Monitored by individual heart rate, they burn calories and get your metabolism revving.
Total Body classes are the #1 priority to burn calories and build lean muscle to boost your metabolism for the long term.
Tune Up classes, as featured in Women’s Health Magazine and designed by our physical therapist, will “release the brakes” to speed up your progress in your fitness and body composition goals.


197 a/mo
197 a/mo
  • $89 initial investment - $197 x 12 months

  • A Results Fitness Strategy
  • Unlimited access to group fitness classes
  • Our high energy Metabolic, Total Body and Tune Up classes
  • A Results Fitness Strategy


To say “thank you” for enrolling today we would like to set you up with everything you need to be successful:

Your “let’s get started today” gift package includes:

A gift certificate for a 20-minute Precision Nutrition consultation.

A $10 gift card that can be used towards any purchase in the gym.

The Results Fitness “Head Start” gift tote which includes a t-shirt, water bottle, Perfect Foods Bar, and specialized multivitamin.



My InBody this morning (2 days before my 50th birthday) read 12.5%! I dropped 1.6% in a week! I gained a pound of lean muscle and lost about 3lbs of fat in 8 days. I considered this kind of a scientific experiment to really test the Results Fitness method.
Jim Madia