How do I choose a gym?


Top Eight Questions You Must Have Answered Before Choosing a Gym for Fat Loss or Building Muscle

This is a question you should ask yourself first – where do you want to go?

It should be the first question a gym asks you when you walk in the door. If they don’t ask what your goals are, and really listen to your answers, consider it a red flag that this is not the place for you. Be sure that they are listening to you, understand your goals, and have a solution to design a plan to get you there.

Your “fitness map” can’t be designed to get you where you want to go if they don’t know where you are going. The process has to start with the end point in mind.

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My InBody this morning (2 days before my 50th birthday) read 12.5%! I dropped 1.6% in a week! I gained a pound of lean muscle and lost about 3lbs of fat in 8 days. I considered this kind of a scientific experiment to really test the Results Fitness method.
Jim Madia
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