It’s not my time…

By Rachel Cosgrove

I was talking to a friend of mine about working out and what activities she enjoys doing…we were talking Tennis, Bike riding, Lifting Weights, Yoga…she was telling me how she’s pretty athletic but has never stayed focused on any one sport. Having two kids she spoke up, “It’s just not my time.” She started to explain that “Once the kids are grown up…”

As she was saying this, I knew she does make time to exercise and takes care of herself…What do you mean? It is absolutely your time!

Don’t you feel like working out and staying active puts you in a better mood? Makes you more productive? And keeps you healthy long term?

Do you agree that making time to exercise makes you better? A better mom? A better wife? Better at your career?

Don’t your kids deserve the best you possible? There will always be a reason that now is not the perfect time.

A friend of mine Valerie Waters, trainer to celebrities, including busy mom Jennifer Garner says, “You’re one workout away from a good mood.” So true. Find time for your workout and you’ll be more even keeled and able to handle anything life has in store for you that day.

One of our members shared, “There’s no way I can be the best that my kids deserve when I’m not at my best. I’m doing exercises I never dreamed of and loving it, and the nutrition plan is my new comfort zone because I know every day that I am doing my body good and the guess work is gone. My kids tell me I’m strong and they love how much I’m willing to do with them!”

By the end of the conversation my friend exclaimed, “Now is my time!”

What excuses have you been using?

Here is your wake up call! Now is your time!

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