Kathy Mascaro

Fitness Coach

Kathy has been married for 21 years with two girls ages 20 and 19. She became a member of her first gym at the age of 16. Being a child of the “aerobics” era, she didn’t actively start weight training until many years later. Enjoying the benefits of weight training, she decided to become a trainer and received her certification from ACE in 2006. Kathy enjoys riding quads & buggies. She also enjoys both snow & water skiing, and camping with family & friends. Her love of fitness, along with a 10 year background in retail management, makes Kathy a definite asset to the Results Fitness team.

My InBody this morning (2 days before my 50th birthday) read 12.5%! I dropped 1.6% in a week! I gained a pound of lean muscle and lost about 3lbs of fat in 8 days. I considered this kind of a scientific experiment to really test the Results Fitness method.
Jim Madia