My Secret Weapon To Success by Sawyer Shea


I am a competitive Spartan racer, competing against the pros in the Elite division. Let me assure you I did not decide I wanted to do these races and land where I am now without making dedicated choices, hard work & having a coach in my corner.

Because I am a fitness coach myself, people sometimes think it must come easy…”she’s probably genetically blessed, born to love Kale and wakes up in the morning ready to run 10 miles after a healthy breakfast everyday.” Well my friends this is not the case.

I ran my first Spartan race in December of 2014 purely out of curiosity and the mentality of “Let’s see if I can do this”. I raced with two of my co-workers, Koko and Rob, and one of their partners. None of us knew what we were getting ourselves into but we were all competitive and determined to give it our all.

Koko and I were both coming off injuries and were not going to quit but knew we may have to take it easy. I grew up playing soccer and was a Division two athlete for the entirety of my college career, as well as a coach for two years after. I know the feeling the night before a big game and then the pre-game jitters. I was experiencing all of those familiar feelings heading into my first Spartan race.

We all completed the race and had the best time doing it. I missed several obstacles, including the rope climb, and got to partake in the joyous 30-Burpee punishment every time. I continued to do Spartan races for fun, in the open division and doing Burpees every race. I got my first Trifecta in 2016, running all three lengths of the race in one calendar year, and was feeling beyond accomplished.

Fast forward to this year, I am currently ranked in the top 50 of Elite women in the US, and am on my way to qualify for the World Championships! I plan on completing 2, if not 3, Trifectas this year alone all while running in the Elite division, which is a whole different ball game.


To say the least, things have changed for me. So, what’s made the biggest difference?

The difference is I got serious & I hired a coach. My coach, who many would consider one of the top coaches in the world as well as the co-owner of one of the top ten gyms in America, Results Fitness, is also my boss and just a stones throw away from being able to ask him questions. So I did. I asked him questions and he helped me with my training and we decided we would begin training together as a team.

Our first race in the competitive division, one division below the Elites, and I won it! First place! We decided we were going to try to take on the world and make this “recreational, kind-of-a-runner-but-only-when-I-had-to”, into an Elite Spartan racer who was going to be racing at the World Championships.


Having a coach has been the biggest game changer for me steering me down the path of success. Let me assure you my love for Kale and breakfast certainly helps when training like an Elite athlete but more importantly than that having a coach who believes, supports, teaches, and guides me is the biggest and best power I can have in my corner.

Even a coach needs a coach! We all believe in ourselves, want to push our selves to accomplish more, but we are full of self-doubt, questions and fear. There is fear of the unknown, fear of success and not knowing what we are really capable of.

These races are not easy and I would never tell you that they are. They are full of hard work, perseverance and pushing yourself above and beyond what you thought you could do. THAT is why you train for them, THAT is why you have a coach to lead you in the right direction. You must still put in the hardwork. If you want it, you will.

Having a coach who I trust, helps me to clear my head, that can be sometimes muddled up with self-doubt or worry, and helps me direct my energy for training in the right direction. Developing programs with science and physiology at the forefront to make sure I am training smart and effectively because as an athlete, even if I know better, sometimes you want to go harder or longer when that is not always the best option.

Let me ask you, if you could race tomorrow with no training at all how successful and accomplished would you feel at the end?

Instead, when you know what you sacrificed and what you put first to make it happen, that’s what makes it feel so good when you cross the finish line knowing you gave it everything you had.

With a coach in my corner, in one short year, I’m so far beyond where I was when I was simply completing these races. Now I am a contender. Our hardwork and determination to our common goal has led us to being on our way to the World Championships.

If you have a goal to accomplish more, to reach your potential, to push yourself beyond what you have done in the past do not try to do it alone. Work closely with a coach or team of coaches like we have at Results Fitness to put a plan in place to become more than you ever thought possible!

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