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Success Stories

We provide results – from the out of shape to the elite athlete. We get better results in less time than any other fitness program. We have the best training programs in the area and we prove it to our members every day. We are continuously striving to better ourselves and truly create the world’s most effective fitness training system. We guarantee our members great workouts and great results! Read some of our members' success stories below!

Cindy Marks

One of our members was really concerned about losing weight. Cindy had lost 15 pounds by restricting her eating and shortly after was diagnosed with cancer. After six weeks of chemotherapy she had lost another 17 pounds plus all her energy and realized WEIGHT loss was not the goal.

“I felt fragile- like I would literally break if I was hugged too hard.”

Her cancer had gone into remission and overtime as she was recovering she gained all the weight back.

“For almost a year and a half, I spent a lot of time sitting and resting. If I forgot something upstairs, I would ask my family to go up and get it for me. Eventually, I started walking our dog again, but my knees hurt if I went very far.”

Her goals shifted from weight loss to being fit and strong and being able to keep up on her upcoming vacation.

“I had heard a friend of mine speak about her success at Results Fitness. We setup an appointment and I joined up – confident that the instructors would keep me from hurting myself.

We had a wonderful vacation to England, and I walked and hiked without pain! One day in London, we clocked over 7 miles of walking! I only got a couple of blisters. That success in reaching my initial goal (i.e. being able to walk 5 miles pain free), gave me the confidence to think I might actually be able to drop two sizes.”

Joining the Drop Two Sizes Challenge she knew it wasn’t about weight loss. It was about combining a good nutritional plan AND a good training program. You have to do BOTH, consistently. After 8 weeks following the plan Cindy dropped two whole sizes looking stronger and fitter than ever!

“And here I am – feeling fit and looking fit, and having a new mindset about food and exercise!”

If you are a woman interested in losing Fat (not just water weight), building lean muscle and being able to finally fit into that Black Dress for the upcoming Holidays, check out the link below. We can help you get there!

- Cindy Marks

Angela Chadbourne

Why did you join the challenge?

“I joined the challenge because my weight was out of control. At almost 50, I was heavier than I had ever been in my life, including when I was pregnant. I knew I needed to make a change.  Not long ago, I met Rachel in my neighborhood.  She was the nice girl next door who walked her dog all the time. I knew vaguely she worked out. I didn't know she had a gym. I didn't know she had a book. One day on facebook, another neighbor talked about Rachel's gym. The woman was a HUGE fan. It got me curious. So I decided to check it out. The D2S challenge was being advertised on the gym's Facebook page. I told Rachel I was thinking about it and she invited me to the orientation. I thought about it, but was really intimidated. I hadn't worked out in maybe 3-5 years. What if I couldn't do it? What if I tried and failed? What if I was too weak? How embarrassing would that be? I was worried about working out with a bunch of "Barbies" - really beautiful, thin women who would look at me with disgust. I knew I wanted to be healthier, stronger and feel better about myself, so I decided to commit to the challenge.”

What did you learn over the 8 weeks?

“The most important thing I learned was that it was okay to be a beginner and go at my own pace. I realized, I feel so much better when I take proper care of myself. Yes, fish oil supplements do make a difference. Yes, I could learn to hold a plank. Yes, I could get up and be at the gym before 6:00 am. I learned junk food should not live in my house and strength training makes a difference. I also learned the gym wasn't populated by "Barbies". It is a place where real people come to work out. It is full of women and men in all sizes who face life's struggles and challenges, but who want to be healthier. It is a kind place.  Rachel's gym is really extraordinary. It is a place where the staff is dedicated to make every person in the gym feel good about themselves. They greet people by name, and offer coaching, cheers and compliments.”

What did you accomplish?

“I lost 13 pounds in 8 weeks. I changed my lifestyle. I went from eating junk food and candy to eating a diet mostly comprised of lean protein and vegetables. It wasn't always easy. Having three splurges a week helped when I wanted to indulge. I was very weak when I started the challenge. I still am weak compared to many people. I am also stronger, thinner and healthier than when I started.”

How do you feel now?

“I am really excited because I can feel my body getting stronger. I have what I call muscle seeds.  They are tiny, but they will grow. I feel better about my body. I'm dedicated to continue working out. I am happy to be living a healthier lifestyle. I am extremely grateful to have met Rachel and her staff. It was perfect timing.”

- Angela Chadbourne, MLIS

Beth Girard

"I had finally reached that 'enough is enough' point and realized that I needed to take control of my life. I started losing weight by watching what I eat and joined Results Fitness in May of 2016.

Focused on the number on the scale, I had pretty much figured I had lost as much weight as I was going to be able to lose and dropping two sizes was not going to happen. I was working on maintaining my weight loss and toning everything up. I was happily wearing a size 12. Honestly I didn’t think it would be possible for me fit into a size 8. After all, I have been 'big boned' all my life. My hips are what my mother calls 'breeder hips (thanks to my Viking ancestors I am sure). I wore a size 10 throughout high school. I don’t think I have EVER wore a size 8.

I went out and bought myself a pair of 8 jeans that I would probably have to return in 8 weeks, so I left the tags on and kept the receipt.

I got a little overwhelmed when I finally got our journal and saw the list of all the foods we should and shouldn’t eat, the meal prep we would have to do, the sample meals, the journaling EVERY DAY, going online to check in, and etc, etc, etc. I almost ran screaming back to the gym to get my money refunded before I even started. It just seemed like a TON of things to do for something I didn’t think would even work for me. Not to mention my family kind of freaked me out when they asked me, “ummm… just how much more weight do you think you need to lose?? You don’t want to get too skinny now.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately in this case) I am stubborn as a bull when I am told I can’t/shouldn’t do something and well.. I kind of do whatever it takes to prove them wrong. So I stuck with it. Well mostly.

The sample meals in the journal and on Facebook were EXTREMELY helpful. I struggled with getting 6 meals in a day, but that is because of the crazy lifestyle I live. I have to say though; it is the support I received from all my fellow D2S’ers that helped the most. The weekly meetings kept me not only accountable, but motivated. I would come in on Saturday mornings thinking I was struggling more than I should be and feeling a little bit like a loser-and not the weight loss kind of loser. However, when we would go around the room sharing our experiences throughout the week, I would see that everyone had the same doubts and they were experiencing the same struggles I was. Even the freaking Almond butter problem! Never tried almond butter in my life, and NOW I am addicted. On the bright side, I will happily have a teaspoon of almond butter over ice cream so I guess it is a healthier alternative!

This has been a fun journey and I am happy I did it. I feel amazing in my new size. I have learned more than I thought I could. Like I said, I have been working on my weight loss, but I still learned SO MUCH from the D2S challenge. I am better at managing my time, I cook healthier meals, and I don't freak out when I have a "splurge". This program is completely doable and I will defiantly be an advocate to anyone interested.

It is the support I get from everyone. I have found something here that has helped me not only physically, but emotionally as well. Thanks again to you, to the wonderful staff and trainers, and to all my fellow members at Results Fitness! I am so happy I bit that proverbial bullet and joined this gym! I am in a much healthier and happier place today than I was before I joined."

- Beth Girard

Karen Whitley

"D2S.  I love the program.  I feel like I am much farther than I have been with working out, and with the food program.  I had trouble following it all the way through (the cruise and all, and after that), but still I am smaller than when I started.  I don't fit into the jeans, but I will get there.  I am just on a bit slower path.  I'm renewing my commitment this week and jumping back into it for the November, so I can go into December strong."

- Karen Whitley

Linda Hill

"I joined this challenge to get a grip on my eating, to relearn the eating strategy and lose the weight I so unwillingly gained.

I did ok on this challenge, not as well as would like and not as good as I had in the past.  This challenge was different, it wasn't only for 8 weeks it was forever.  That concept was daunting to wrap my mind around.  I know the things I have learned I will need to use continuously and incorporate them into my life.

So far I have learned to eat slow, eat to 80% full and eat lean meats with every meal.  For the most part I have been able to apply these concepts to my life but still need to work on them.  I am continuing my education through precision nutrition and look forward to learning more strategies.

I feel better about myself in my eating and workouts.  I am nervous about my upcoming adventure in the sparten run but look forward to the accomplishment.  I also look forward to learning how to eat in restaurants, eating healthy in challenging situations and to strategize the boredom in the kitchen yet keep my family interested.

Thank you for your support and positive energy.  You and the staff are so encouraging and I have accomplished so many things I never thought I would  do (mud run, power lifting, losing 20 lbs and running a 5k at midnight)."

- Linda Hill

Lisa Henley

"This is my third year participating in this challenge.

Obviously, I like it and gain insights, knowledge and "aha moments "during this process each year.

I finally found a program that is sustainable for me. No more gimmicks, no more yo-yo, just realistic results.

It's the building of habits; keep a journal, drink water, take supplements, eat vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats at each meal. Eliminate sugar, (sucrose, glucose, fructose), add healthy fats, food preparation, planning, and increasing workouts.

The building of habits is a continuing process. The above-mentioned habits were not instant routines. That's why I like to reset each year. It takes time, effort and intention.

This time I worked on improving food preparation. Ideas from coaches and participants were very helpful.

Precision Nutrition, a new component to this challenge turned out to a surprisingly great perk!

I found a quiet time to listen to the lessons and I even took notes on ideas that inspired me or made sense to my journey.

After all, my mission statement was, "I can do it. I will focus on making sane, intuitive and normal nutrition choices." PN added to my education in understanding how to go about this lofty goal.

What I noticed this time:  my big "Ah-ha’s!"

I need to continue to stoke the fire. I find if I don't eat every few hours, I wind up ravenous. The question posed by Precision Nutrition, was, "What does hunger feel like?" I really didn't know.

But the next time I felt hungry, I paid attention. I had physical responses, that lead to panicky feelings and ultimately the sensation to quickly rid myself of this unpleasant feeling by dousing it out with the first thing I could put in my mouth. That would usually be a box of Wheat Thins.

Fortunately, I had prepped "go to foods," and while my quiche heated up, I ate quickly (yes, not a habit yet, for me to slow down,) and after I felt satisfied, I wrote in my journal. It was at that moment that I realized how important it was for my success to make it a priority to keep my blood sugar stable.

Thank you, Rachel, for designing this amazing program!

Thank you, coaches, for continually encouraging our success.

Thank you, participants, for sharing your stories, and helpful solutions."

- Lisa Henley

Patty Labat

"My journey has been a bumpy ride these last 8 weeks. The first 4 weeks I was on top of everything. Precision Nutrition, Journaling, eating totally clean. I tried my jeans on and they fit fabulously! Then I started to relax…a few more splurges, a few moments of eating things I really didn’t even want…

What I learned about myself was that I am capable of making good eating choices. I also learned that eating better and exercising more has allowed me to compete at a higher level again because I don’t have as much to carry around, and my knees don’t hurt as bad…I also learned that I can make this a lifelong habit. I never felt deprived.

I especially liked the accountability meetings. Getting to know the ladies better and hearing of others struggles and accomplishments were exciting! Also, I appreciate the time you gave to us, Rachel, with your expertise and knowledge was so helpful.

I appreciate the positiveness and the motivation that is always present in the gym. I find I throve on motivating others. This is not new to me, since I do it for a living, but I’m more aware now how much it helps me to succeed and it helps me be a better teacher.

This experience has also given me a great gift. My daughter has now started to come workout with me. I got her motivated starting to eat better. That is the biggest and best result to me, besides feeling fabulous, is helping her to feel fabulous also!

It has been a great 8 weeks! I love how I look, how I feel and I love the thought of going to the gym to workout! So…

Thank you for pushing me, for trusting me and for putting that trust that I can do it in me!!! Lots of Love!"

- Patty Labat

Rosa Matsusaka

"Everyone has their challenges in loosing weight mine has always been my eating habits. After an injury I felt stressed about what I could not accomplished and reversed all of my pervious attempts to become a better eater. So I decided to conquer my struggle by joining the challenge.

Through out the journey I felt that I gained control. I finally learned how to overcome this overwhelming trial of over eating at times of insecurity and laziness. It seems that my main focus became more than just control, but allowing myself enjoyment without indulging.

In this I accomplished more than just dropping the two sizes. I also accomplished self discipline, so much so that I journaled every day until I didn't need a reminder to reflect or keep track of my eating habits.

Thus, I feel accomplished and I have become a new. I feel like a person who can do more than just exercise and eat well, but I am in control with myself and what I could do in every time of my life."

- Rosa Matsusaka

Tiffany Grummer

"I knew from the moment that I heard about this challenge that I wanted to be a part of it.

My workouts were going well but I needed some diet accountability.

I really liked having the food journal, it helped me be accountable to myself everyday and really see the good, bad and the ugly. Journaling makes you more mindful of what you are eating.

My favorite tip that I learned through this challenge is that you are allowed three splurges. Prior to this, I lived my life feeling guilty about everything "bad" I ate. Having the three splurges allowed me to realize that it is ok to splurge as long as it's in moderation.

I also liked attending the accountability meetings, it kept me on track and got me re motivated each week.

I would recommend this challenge to anyone who wants to kick-start their healthy eating lifestyle."

- Tiffany Grummer


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