The Secret to Making Permanent Changes

By Rachel Cosgrove

It is always interesting to me that when I tell someone I own a gym the first thing they do is grab their love handle or their belly and say, “Oh! So you can help me get rid of this???” as if THAT is all we do.

Yes of course, we help people to shed the fluffy layer or lose the muffin top but that is actually a side effect of what we really do. That happens to be the end result of the changes we help someone make in their life. And we do so much more!!!

Most people start exercising because they want to lose “this” or “that” or they want to weigh a certain amount. They are very focused on the outcome in the beginning. As they start to take on new habits there is so much more to benefit from in the process.

By focusing on the process, getting to know more about yourself and becoming a detective of what makes you feel good there is so much to learn along the journey rather than focusing only on the outcome.

Making permanent long-term changes takes time. At Results Fitness, our mission is to help our clients get the results they are looking for in the least time possible but part of the result is learning from the journey.  A quick fix, crash plan won’t last long-term because you won’t have the time to learn about yourself. You miss out on the journey.

If you’ve been focused on the end result of weighing “X” amount or getting rid of “this” (you say as you are grabbing your muffin top) change your focus to today.

What action can you take today to get closer to your goal? What choices can you make? What can you learn about yourself?

Start by celebrating Non-Scale Victories along your journey.  By doing this you’ll get to your outcome goal before you know it but you’ll also take in so much more along the way.

I have been preaching to stop using the scale as a measurement for years but I first heard this term, “Non-Scale Victories”, from one of our affiliate gym owners, Ben Fogel, owner of Epic Fitness in Salt Lake City, Utah.

By focusing on your “Non-scale Victories” you will start to realize that this journey isn’t just about losing the weight or the muffin top, it is also about…

  • Being able to slide your wedding ring on that hasn’t fit in years
  • Getting a good night’s sleep and waking up with energy to tackle your day
  • Being able to climb a flight of stairs without getting out of breath
  • Keeping up with your kids playing tag in the yard
  • My bone scan went from Medium Risk for Osteopenia to Low Risk!
  • Helping to move furniture or unload something heavy – I got this!
  • My bad cholesterol levels plummeted!
  • I had the confidence to complete my first bike race!

These are just some of the real examples I have heard from our clients of Non-scale victories that have happened on their journey.

There is so much more to benefit from as you start to change your habits including increased confidence, energy, strength, stamina, decreased risk factors for diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. If up until now you have been focusing on the outcome only start to celebrate your victories along the way!

If you are looking for a kick-start to make some of these changes join us for our upcoming Fit in 42 6-week total immersion program starts May 16th.

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