Does it have to be all or nothing?

Does It Have To Be All Or Nothing?

By Rachel Cosgrove, Co-Owner of Results Fitness

We all slip over time from what we know makes us look and feel our best. We may know what to do, but we aren’t doing it. You may have realized this, like most people do at the start of the year, and decided to do something about it.

Maybe you committed to eliminating sugar or a “dry January” or are following something more structured like Whole 30, or maybe you simply started to get back to the habits you know make you feel your best.

At Results, we aren’t fans of going on and off strict diets, getting into a black & white situation but we do realize that everyone slips over time and having a total reset to reconnect to what makes us feel our best is an effective strategy.

Throughout the year, we offer different challenges and habit-forming strategies whether you have participated in Drop Two Sizes or our 100-workout challenge. These are opportunities to hardwire the habits that will get you the best results including consistency.

If you have been thinking about committing to something to reset your healthy habits, start by making a list of the habits that you know work for you that you may or may not have been doing. For example:

• Drinking 100 ounces of water a day
• Not eating sugar.
• Eliminating alcohol or keeping your alcohol intake to 1-2 servings, 1-2 nights a week or month.
• Getting to bed before midnight.
• Getting 7-8 hours of sleep.
• Not being on your computer, phone or in front of the TV right before bedtime.
• Eating 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.
• Doing something active every day.
• Not drinking caffeine past noon.
• Hitting the gym at least 2-3 days a week
• Cooking most of your meals at home. The more you cook, the better you look!
• Going to the Farmers Market to get fresh fruits and vegetables every week.
• Starting every day with a healthy breakfast.
• Getting your workout done early so you don’t blow it off. See you at 5 am? Anyone?

We know how hard it can be to retrain your habits or learn them for the first time. You need support. That’s why we’re here! Writing them down is the first step, and your list may look different than the above. We may also help you learn new habits that you never even thought about.

We are here to help you to set these habits and hold you accountable. In fact, this is why we are offering for the first time a total immersion program to give you a complete reset called Fit in 42. “42” stands for 42 days (not 42 years old like some of you have asked) and requires you to commit 100% to the program for 42 days. This is different than some of our challenges in the past where we have allowed splurges every week and more flexibility. This program is not a challenge; it is a total reset program. You will be fully immersed in resetting your habits or building them for the first time.

Committing to a total immersion program like this once a year is a great way to re-set your habits getting your mind right & your metabolism kick started for the rest of the year!

We still have a few spots left if you are ready to join us. Don’t miss this opportunity! Orientation is this coming Saturday and the 42 days starts on February 1st. Fill out this form now to get your interview set up this week to join us –

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My InBody this morning (2 days before my 50th birthday) read 12.5%! I dropped 1.6% in a week! I gained a pound of lean muscle and lost about 3lbs of fat in 8 days. I considered this kind of a scientific experiment to really test the Results Fitness method.
Jim Madia